User: Emil Matasareanu
Make and Model: Bushmaster XM15 E2S 'Dissipator'
Serial#: Unknown
Year of production: Unknown
Manufacturer's production run:
Importer: N/A
Year of import: N/A
NHWD Artefact #:
Status: Illegal conversion to select fire.

This particular rifle left the Bushmaster factory in Windham, Maine looking only marginally different than it does now, internal modifications however would have been rather extensive to turn this rifle from a civilian legal semi automatic into the full auto creature it finally became.

Emil's Bushmaster 'Dissipator' shown in a police exhibit.

Emil firing his dissipator at LAPD SWAT

Photograph of Emil's Bushmaster 'dissipator' lying amongst spent brass & a piece of windshield wiper that broke off the Chevy as a result of the gunfight.

Exterior modifications were minimal, the round A2 handguards have been swapped out to the earlier triangular M16 A1 style, either through necessity because of a broken original or because the triangular version may have been deemed easier to grip whilst wearing gloves.
As a side note: We are not 100% positive as to whether this particular rifle was a true or mock 'dissipator'. A 'mock' dissipator would have had a carbine length gas system, and some modification would have had to have been made to the A1 handguards to accomodate for the rifle's gas block. One can only assume the swapping of the handguards was a rather deliberate choice that was made for either practical or aesthetic reasons as we cannot figure otherwise.

Photograph showing the A1 triangular style handguards.

The conversion process to turn the rifle into a select fire weapon is by all accounts not too difficult for somebody with the right tools and replacement parts. Most of the internal parts would have had to have been replaced, the second selector stop would have had to have been ground down to allow the selector lever to rotate 180 degrees instead of it's usual 90, and as with the AKM style rifles an autosear pin would have had to have been drilled through the receiver. Whilst there are two other routes to turn a civilian AR into a select fire weapon evidence of them being used was soon dispelled when the presence of the lower receiver being drilled for the autosear pin was found.

There is some rather curious damage to this firearm, a large section of angled scratches that extends from the upper receiver on to the lower, i first thought that this may have occurred at the point of arrest when the weapon was kicked away from Matasareanu's grasp, however the Beta-C magazine would preclude this, these curious markings were obviously made at an earlier point in time when the Hi-Cap magazine was not attached to the weapon. Personally I am at a loss to explain them.

Red marker indicates the presence of the auto sear pin.

Circle indicates where scratch marks to the receiver.
Perhaps tool marks which occurred during the conversion process.