User: Larry Phillips
Make and Model: Norinco Type 56 S1
Serial#: Unknown
Year of production: Unknown
Manufacturer's production run:
Importer: Unknown
Year of import: Unknown
NHWD Artefact #:
Status: Illegal conversion to select fire.

The following photograph is the clearest to date showing the potential conversion results. The selector stop has been neatly excised from this weapon, the autosear pin is just visible (above the magazine release mechanism), and once again this weapon like the others is sporting a blued bolt group, potentially of Eastern European origin. No serial numbers or importer stampings located on the barrel are able to be seen.

Photograph property of:

Larry Phillips holding his Norinco Type 56 S1 as he makes his way out of the bank's north lot

Due to the way LAPHS have displayed this rifle very little information has been able to be sourced about it. The rifle is displayed, muzzle down and with the stock in the closed position held in the right hand of of Phillips mannequin. Given the difficulties of photographing through glass and the fact that the closed stock covers the 'conversion area' of the receiver this has left us with minimal leads to track down regarding this firearm.

Photograph property of

This is the fated rifle, the final rifle, used by Phillips in the duo's egress from the North Lot and was eventually abandoned under the trailer on Archwood Street after suffering at least two stoppages. Of all the rifles used this one appears to have had the most mechanical problems and these combined with the critical decision by Phillips to return to the rear of the trailer upon the rifle's second and final stoppage eventually sealed the duo's fate.

SID Evidence Photograph